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General rules for Instagram competitions

Privacy policy


I. Introductory provisions


  1. The organiser of the competitions on the cerwrc Instagram page, which can be found at, is the company Central European Rally Event GmbH, with registered office at Ridlerstraße 35, 80339 Munich, Germany, ID No.: 143/300/01241 (hereinafter referred to as the "Organiser" or "CER").

  2. None of the contests posted on CER's Instagram page are in any way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Instagram (Meta Platforms), and therefore Instagram (Meta Platforms) is not responsible for them.

  3. Winnings are not legally enforceable and are not enforceable in court. The Organiser reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or prizes during the competition or to cancel the competition entirely without refund. The Organiser is not responsible for any technical problems in connection with participation in the competition.

  4. By entering the competition, the participant agrees to these rules.


II. Conditions of participation and course of the competition


  1. The competition is open to persons over 18 years of age with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria and a delivery address in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. CER employees are not eligible to enter the competition. 

  2. For valid entry into the contest, you must meet the conditions listed in the text of the specific contest entry on the page. Failure to meet these conditions may result in the participant being excluded from the competition.

  3. In case the competition condition is the publication of a comment on a post, only one comment from one user is included in the competition.

  4. The date of the competition is always indicated in the entry. 

  5. Winnings are not subject to the purchase contract. The Organiser is not liable for defective performance. The winner has no right to claim the prizes.


III. Announcement of winners


  1. The mechanism for selecting winners is determined by the Organiser. The winners will be announced within 2 days of the end of the competition. The names of the winners will be published by the Organizer in the comments of the contest entry. 

  2. The prize will be sent to the winner, depending on the type of prize, either via a delivery service or to an email address within 30 days of the end of the competition. 

  3. By entering the competition, the entrant agrees that they may be asked to provide personal details and a delivery or email address for the prize if they win. The personal details and address are for the sole purpose of sending the prize on a one-off basis and will not be treated in any other way. The personal details and address must be provided by the winner within 7 days of the invitation, otherwise the prize will be passed on to another competitor.


IV. Processing of personal data


  1. Unless the Organiser sets special conditions for a given competition, CER processes the username during the competitions and processes the username, first and last name, delivery address, telephone, email address and prize specification for the winners of the competitions. 

  2. The purpose of the processing is to ensure compliance with the rules of the competition and to send the prizes to the winners. After the contest ends, the personal data of the contestants will be deleted. Contestants' personal data is not passed on, except to the delivery company that delivers the prize to the winner.



These rules are effective from 9 June 2023.

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