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Unique, sustainable and uniting people: that is the new Central European Rally. The ADAC e. V., the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, and the Austrian Motorsport Federation (AMF) are bringing the FIA World Rally Championship to the heart of Europe with an innovative concept.

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Central European Rally Unites Three Nations in Historic FIA WRC Event

For the first time in the history of the FIA WRC, which stretches back more than 50 years, a round of the world championship will be held in three different countries in 2023. Sport unites and transcends borders, and this concept makes the Central European Rally a unique joint project in Europe. After starting in Prague, a series of diverse and challenging special stages take the competitors to Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. The rally is planned to finish in Passau.Not only do three rivers meet in the German city, but, having passed through three nations, the Central European Rally will also reach a worthy conclusion there with the podium ceremony. Thanks to its central location in the region incorporating these three countries, Passau will be at the heart of the rally on four days.

Rallying as a Technological Catalyst for Sustainable Mobility

The World Rally Championship is a technological catalyst and, as a development lab for the automotive industry, allows people to experience sustainable, cutting-edge technology. With efficient hybrid technology and sustainable, 100% fossil-free fuel, the cars in the top class showcase future technologies and new means of mobility in a dynamic environment. The Rally1 cars are powered by 100% fossil-free fuel. The FIA WRC will also present high tech from around the region.

The 136-hp hybrid system used in the Rally1 class has been developed and manufactured in Bavaria, while the batteries come from Austria.

Electricity generated from renewable sources is used to charge the hybrid cars' batteries in the service park.


Central European Rally: Advancing Excellence and Sustainability in Motorsports

With the Central European Rally, the ADAC is continuing to develop the successful concept of a World Rally Championship event together with its partners in the Czech Republic and Austria. Up until 2019, the ADAC

Rally Germany was one of the biggest sporting events in Germany,

attracting more than 200,000 fans. Attracting more foreign visitors than any other round on the World Rally Championship calendar, the ADAC Rally Germany brought together sports fans from throughout Europe. With its central location, the Central European Rally will appeal

to an equally international audience. In the past, the ADAC Rally

Germany was renowned for its comprehensive sustainability concepts.

The ADAC will now apply that experience to the Central European Rally.

In the past, the International Automobile Federation FIA has recognised the ADAC's organisation of the German round of the WRC with its highest accolade - three stars and the rating "Excellence" - within the

"FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework".

FIA World Rally Championship: Showcasing Three Countries Globally

The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) is a top-level sporting event that is watched around the world, and will present the three-country region to a global audience. In 2021, the FIA WRC was broadcast on television in 150 countries, and 781 million viewers followed the world championship on TV.



Become a part of the Central European Rally and come to experience an incredible adventure!

Enjoy speed, excitement, and adrenaline.


Prepare your helmets and get ready for an incredible rally that traverses countries around the world. From wild jungles to mountainous serpentines, this epic competition will take you to the most remote corners of the motorsport planet. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride, where drivers will face incredible challenges and battle for the championship title on the global rally stage.

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