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Stage maps published: The direct route to rally action

Detailed maps of the special stages at the Central European Rally available online now. Video presents the highlights for fans in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Travel more efficiently with car sharing.

The special stages at the Central European Rally in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic are ready and awaiting fans and competitors in the World Rally Championship from 26th to 29th October: 313 kilometres against the clock, spread across 18 stages, will put the best rally drivers and cars in the world through their paces. Fans can now start to plan their journey to the tri-border region in detail. The maps for the individual special stages, which also include information on the range of services offered on site and navigation links, can now be found on the official homepage at

Spectators will definitely not be able to complain about a lack of rally action, or variety: all the special stages at the Central European Rally are equipped with multiple fan zones, making a trip to the rally a comfortable experience. The fan zones were selected to ensure they are easy to reach, have sufficient parking, and provide a good view of the action. Visitors can check this out for themselves in advance: a video available now on the homepage of the Central European Rally presents the best positions along the routes. Detailed sketches of spectator zones enhance the offering and also include navigation data for the journey to the stages. This allows visitors to make their way comfortably to the rally. Once they are approaching the special stages, they will be aided by coloured signage and directed by service personnel on site. The detailed sketches also show places suitable for visitors with restricted mobility.

Travel preparations are underway – for fans and teams

The sketches and maps now available online allow fans to plan their journey to the newest addition to the WRC calendar in detail. Like the competitors, many visitors will also be entering new territory on the narrow forest passages, sections through towns, jumps and crests – the organisers of the Central European Rally have come up with a route to give the sporting action the spice it needs. The asphalt routes in the tri-border region of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, demand the ultimate car control – a perfect stage for the world-class drivers in the WRC, who will dare to put pedal to metal on unfamiliar terrain. “I have never driven in Bavaria or Austria, but have in the Czech Republic and other areas of Germany,” said world championship leader Kalle Rovanperä (Toyota). “As well as the WRC event around the Mosel, I also have experience of the Saxony Rally, although that was in Rally2. Routes like these are a totally different animal in our Rally1 cars. And I am obviously hoping for good weather, partly for the spectators, who are definitely going to see plenty of action.”

Car sharing to be rewarded

Right from the first planning meetings, a comprehensive effort to protect the environment and encourage sustainability was a key component of the concept for the new round of the World Rally Championship. Visitors can also do their bit. The organisers of the Central European Rally are asking visitors to share transport on their way to the special stages, and are rewarding those who do so. Visitors who arrive with four or more people in the car receive entries into a draw, based on the number of passengers. This way, visitors are not only helping to reduce the CO2 footprint of the rally, but also have the chance to win great prizes.


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