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Motorsport might be dangerous!


Always remember - even on straights or seemingly easy bends, a rally car can go off the track!


  • Enjoy the rally from the safety of spectators’ areas, that’s where the show takes place!

  • Find your sweet spot in the spectator area 30 minutes before the stage starts as this is when the road closes!

  • Never run onto the course when a car stops, even to help! BE SAVE FIRST, then help! Following vehicles may not recognize you.

  • We’ll put you as close to the action as possible (but not closer). Stay safe on the Stage!

  • Let's show our love for Mother Earth. Keep your area clean!

  • Enjoy the event from the marked zones. The stage can be delayed or cancelled if fans are found in unprotected areas!

  • Do not park your vehicle on escape routes and do not block other emergency access routes!

  • Central European Rally is a rally for families. Pay special attention to our little spectators.

  • Help our Marshals and enjoy your event to the full. They are there to protect you, please listen to them!

  • It is strictly prohibited to stay in the zones labeled as “Forbidden area”.

  • Flying Drones is forbidden!


The barriers are for your own safety! We wish you a safe event.
Thank you very much! 


Motorsport can be dangerous!


SAFETY first. Take care about the WRC specialties!