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Buy tickets for Central European Rally 2024


Get ready to experience the thrill of the Central European Rally 2024! Tickets are now available for purchase. Secure your spot and be part of the excitement by visiting the official website: Central European Rally Tickets. Don't miss out on the action—buy your tickets today and join us for an unforgettable adventure!


  • Free entry for children under 16
    Children and youths up to 15 years receive free admission to all spectator points (standing area) on all days incl. service park. No access to open grandstands (seating area) at the spectator points and at the start and finish line. Parking at the spectator points and at the service park is not included in the ticket price. A 0 € ticket must be booked for each child. Children's tickets are only valid in the company of an adult with a full-paying ticket.
  • How much are the day passes?
    Friday and Saturday for 45€. Sunday for 35€.
  • Where can I buy tickets in advance?
    Advance tickets for the Central European Rally are on sale online at The advance sale platform offers support in German, English and Czech.
  • What tickets are available, and what are they valid for?
    Day tickets are offered for each competition day at the Central European Rally. This includes admission to all standing spectator areas on the special stages, as well as to the service park (it does not include admission to grandstands). Tay tickets will be available from July 2023. Furthermore, a Stage Pass will be available on site for all special stages. This allows access to the standing area at spectator locations on the respective stage. Visitors attending multiple days of the rally can benefit from the Rally Pass (99 euros), which includes standing admission to all spectator locations (except grandstands) from Friday to Sunday, as well as the service park. For 125 euros, visitors can get their hands on the special “1 of 1000” edition. This ticket comes in the form of a plastic card and includes a free lanyard. Special exclusive tickets (standing and seating), some of which are already on sale, are required for the two super special stages in Prague (Thursday) and Klatovy (Thursday). In combination with a Rally Pass, standing tickets for SSS Klatovy can be purchased at a 50 percent discount.
  • Are there any special ticket packages?
    The weekend ticket (Rally Pass) for three days is available as a limited “1 of 1000” edition, which sees the paper ticket replaced by a plastic one. The package can be purchased for 125 euros and also includes a free lanyard. The offer to purchase a standing ticket for the Klatovy super special stage on the Friday, when buying a Rally Pass (99 euros) or “1 of 1000” ticket (125 euros) in advance, is also limited. In combination with either of the two aforementioned tickets, this costs an extra 17 Euros instead of 34 euros (a 50 percent discount).
  • I have ordered a "Collectors Edition 1 of 1000" ticket. What happens now?
    Anyone purchasing the Rally Pass 1 of 1000 can expect to receive their ticket through the post after the start of July. The lanyard included in the package can be collected on site from the merchandise shop in the service park in Passau.
  • Are there any discounts - for example, for members of the ACCR, ADAC and ÖAMTC?
    Tickets for the Central European Rally are calculated in such a way that everyone who purchases one enjoys the best possible price. For this reason, there are no discounts for members of the organising motorsport federations.
  • From what age do children require a ticket, and are there discounts for youngsters?
    Admission to the Central European Rally is free for children and under 16s when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. In order to visit the event, an additional free child’s ticket must be booked when purchasing the adult ticket.
  • Will day tickets also be on sale in advance of the event?
    Day tickets for the Friday (45 euros), Saturday (45 euros) and Sunday (35 euros) are expected to go on sale from July in the online shop at
  • Ticketing Support
    For questions regarding the ticketing process for the Central European Rally 2023, please contact our official ticketing partner Egocentric Systems by email at or by phone at +49 351 85033714.
  • Will it also be possible to purchase tickets on the gate?
    Only Stage Passes, which allow admission to spectator areas on individual stages, will be available on site.
  • Where is the service park?
    The service park is located in the area around the Dreiländerhalle at Kohlbruck exhibition park in Passau.
  • How will I find my way to the individual special stages?
    Visitors to the Central European Rally will find a signage system guiding them to all the important hotspots, such as the start, service park and spectator areas on the special stages. Furthermore, GPS data for all spectator areas will be released in good time ahead of the event, making it even easier to find one’s way.
  • Where are the special stages on the Friday / Saturday / Sunday?
    The Central European Rally plans to run special stages in three different regions of the tri-border area between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. After the start and the first spectator stage in Prague on the Thursday, the opening day of the rally (Friday) also takes place on special stages in the Czech Republic. On the Saturday and Sunday, the special stages will be around the border between Germany and Austria. Detailed maps and program can be found on
  • Are there parking places on site - what does it cost to park?
    Parking for spectators is subject to charges at the Central European Rally. Parking charges differ and are based on such considerations as whether or not a shuttle bus runs from the respective car park to a spectator area. The location of car parks will be released in good time ahead of the event. Directions will be signposted.
  • What can be found at the spectator areas?
    Spectator areas along the special stages offer good views of the rally action. They are equipped with an adequate infrastructure to make a visit to the event a real experience. Exactly what is on offer at the individual spectator areas – such as catering, information from an on-site announcer, and sanitary facilities – will be determined and announced in good time ahead of the event.
  • Is the route to the stages / start / service park signposted?
    All important spectator hotspots at the Central European Rally are signposted in the surrounding area and along the route.
  • Are there opportunities to camp?
    There will be opportunities for fans to camp near most special stages. These campsites will be announced in good time by the organiser.
  • Is there a central point of reference for accommodation or a list of tourist information offices?
    The central point of reference for accommodation is ADAC Südbayern with its tourist specialists (accommodation @ On site, the branches and travel agencies of ADAC Südbayern are a direct contact point ( regionalclubs/suedbayern/geschaeftsstellen-reisebueros/). In the run-up to the event, spectators can also contact the tourist experts via the hotline +49 69 153225522 and the E-mail address service @ In addition, a list of hotels in the region and with allocations for the rally will be released on the website 15th June 2023).
  • How can I communicate on site if I do not speak German / Czech?
    All the important information on the Central European Rally is available in German, Czech and English on the homepage at In the event region, it is possible to communicate in the respective local language and English. Multilingual personnel are working at the event’s central facilities. Furthermore, all signage for the event is also in English, meaning language should be no barrier to a trip to the rally.
  • Can I take photographs or film during the event, and can I publish any content captured on my social media account?
    It goes without saying that filming and photography for purely private use is permitted everywhere. You can publish the material as usual on your private social media channels. If you intend to use the material generated for commercial purposes or publish it on a mass medium, please consult us in good time before doing so, as a licence may be required for electronic reporting. The easiest way to contact the media team for the Central European Rally is by E-mail to media @
  • What is the Internet address for the Central European Rally?
    You can find all you need to know about the Central European Rally at
  • Where can I find the Central European Rally on social media?
    You can find the event using the acronym @cerwrc Facebook ( Instagram ( Twitter ( TikTok ( @ cerwrc). The official hashtag is #cerwrc.
  • Will the event bebroadcast on television?
    Selected stages of the Central European Rally will be broadcast on ServusTV. Clips can be found at The dates of the streams and re-lives can be found at the same place.
  • Is there a livestream?
    The livestream of all FIA WRC events is available for a fee via WRC+ at
  • Where can I find the live timing?
    The live timing and many other live features (some at a cost) for all FIA WRC events are available via WRC+ at
  • Is there merchandising for the CER, and where can I find it?
    A merchandising collection is being prepared for all those visitors who wish to share their enthusiasm for the brand-new three-country round of the FIA WRC. It will be ready in good time for the Central European Rally and is expected to be available on site and online. Details to follow.
  • will there be a public presentation of the teams and cars?
    One great opportunity to experience the rally teams live is obviously the start, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Czech city of Prague on the Thursday. You can also marvel at the teams and drivers up close and personal in the service park in Passau. The teams will then also cross the finish line in the city of three rivers on the Sunday.
  • Where can I register if I want to help as a marshal on the special stages?
    Helpers are required at many locations at the Central European Rally and are extremely welcome. Volunteers can register at Please specify your age, any experience you may have, and any desired volunteering locations.
  • Which cars are in action at the rally?
    The spotlight in the FIA WRC is obviously on the top class, Rally1. Here, elite works teams battle it outfor the world championship title, armed with cars loaded with state-of-the-art technology: the hybrid drivetrain consists of an efficient turbo petrol engine generating roughly 380 hp and an electric motor, which is capable of providing a further 136 hp. The battery is partly charged using energy recovered under braking and the combustion engine runs on fossil-free fuel: as such, FIA WRC is a pioneer for the motorsport of the future with a strong dedication to achieving CO2-neutral sport. This commitment to sustainable motorsport is also underlined by the organisers of the Central European Rally, who have been able to include the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup powered by GSe in the programme. The world’s first electric one-make rally cup features Opel Corsa-e Rally electric cars. Cars from the classes Rally2 to Rally5 also line up at the Central European Rally.
  • Why does the rally run through three countries?
    The Central European Rally takes teams and visitors to special stages and hotspots in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Never before in the 50-year history of FIA WRC has a race passed through three different countries. However, the time seemed right to use this special type of event to set an example for cooperation and international understanding in European motorsport.
  • Who is the organiser?
    The rally is organised by Central European Rally Event GmbH, Ridlerstraße 35, 80339 Munich. The bodies responsible are the three national associations: ADAC (Germany), Autoklub České Republiky (Czech Republic) and ÖAMTC (Austria). The sporting organiser of the world championship event is ADAC Südbayern e.V.
  • What measures is the organiser taking to keep damage to nature to a minimum?
    Those responsible for the Central European Rally are committed to the goal of running the event with the greatest possible consideration for environmental protection and conservation. With this in mind, a host of ideas and measures are being implemented to limit the environmental impact, such as can be caused by the visitors and competitors. However, as the central aspect, the sustainability effort also plays a key role and the CO2 and environmental footprint is being managed carefully. Details of this will be revealed in the run-up to the rally.
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