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Comprehensive spectator guidance system at the Central European Rally

Designated fan zones ensure the best possible rally experience. Specially installed infrastructure allows optimal spectator service and conservation. All information on the spectator guidance system at

The Central European Rally, from 26th to 29th October, is preparing intensively to welcome thousands of fans from all over the world, all desperate to see the penultimate round of this season’s FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). To this end, a comprehensive spectator guidance system will allow visitors to enjoy the maximum amount of action and captivating motorsport, whilst at the same time meeting the high demands of a sustainable event. On each of the 18 special stages, which make up the new WRC rally between Thursday and Sunday, there will be multiple spectator areas that not only offer a good view of the action, but in many places also allow a top infrastructure, ensuring an entertaining and comfortable visit. Visitors will also be welcomed with open arms on their way to the rally: an easily visible guidance system, which allocates a specific colour to each special stage, makes it easier to find one’s way around the rally region. Details on the individual spectator zones can be found on the event

One of the main focuses of attention for the organisers of the Central European Rally is how to manage the flow of spectators. The route to each of the individual spectator areas is clearly signposted, with the colour indicating which route leads to which stage. It goes without saying that the route does not just end anywhere on the stage, but in car parks, from which the viewing areas are accessible by foot. Depending on the region and the effort involved in running the car parks, there will be a small charge of between two and five euros – as the Czech Republic do not use the euro, parking places on the Czech stages can be purchased in advance. They are available (for a standard five euros) in the online ticket shop for the Central European Rally.

Visitors can help relieve traffic congestion

The beautiful landscape in the event region, with its hills and forests, means that the routing of spectator traffic must be planned meticulously. The same goes for the parking areas. A number of car parks are on unsurfaced grass areas, which become unusable if too much rain falls and must be replaced by alternative sites. In the case of some parking areas located further away from the stages, shuttle buses will run to and from the stages. In order to avoid the limited parking facilities from overflowing, making it necessary to close access to spectator areas, the organisers are asking for visitors to do their bit: carpooling is an important part of the event’s sustainability efforts, not just because it reduces the CO2 footprint, but also because it helps to reduce traffic jams in the rally region. The ADAC Pendlernetz app ( allows visitors to easily find like-minded people, with whom to share the car and the enjoyment of the rally. There is a special treat for those who get involved: anyone arriving at the car parks with at least four people in their car will be entered into a draw (number of entries corresponds to the number of passengers), with attractive prizes up for grabs every day.

Comprehensive service at most official spectator areas

From the visitor car parks, the fans progress on foot to the spectator areas – as a rule, this is not a long walk. Various areas can be accessed on each stage, with the number naturally depending on the local circumstances. Where a spectator area is set up, visitors can rely on excellent services. They will find great locations with a good view of the action practically everywhere. Catering stalls ensure nobody need go hungry or thirsty, while an announcer commentates on the action for guests at a number of locations. At some spectator hotspots, large LED screens provide more information and entertainment. A carefully considered waste management system and sanitation facilities are available throughout. Both also form part of the sustainability effort at the Central European Rally, reducing the environmental impact of the rally and its visitors.

Rally enjoyment for everyone

Another major concern of the Central European Rally is to ensure that the event is easily accessible to visitors with disabilities. To this end, there is at least one spectator area with places for guests with restricted mobility on every stage. Not only are there positions suitable for wheelchair users, but parking management is also prepared and guides those affected to the places reserved for them. Sanitary facilities suitable for wheelchair users are also erected in all spectator areas.

Campers are welcome

Visitors with motorhomes are well catered for in the rally region, and will find a host of suitable, fully-equipped campsites nearby and in the wider surroundings. A list of campsites and contacts will be available shortly on the event homepage. Additional, isolated camping areas are also designated in the immediate vicinity of the special stages. However, local circumstances mean that these are rare. As such, it is recommended that visitors use the permanent campsites, which are better equipped anyway.


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