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FIA World Rally Championship in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria

Joint European project between the ADAC, Autoklub Česká and AMF. Central European Rally: motorsport highlight across three countries in October 2023.

The Central European Rally runs through the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany © Photo: ADAC

Unique, sustainable, and uniting people: that is the new Central European Rally. The ADAC e. V., the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, and the Austrian Motorsport Federation (AMF) are bringing the FIA World Rally Championship to the heart of Europe with an innovative concept. The International Automobile Federation FIA has included the 2023 Central European Rally in its world championship calendar, with the premiere of this new event scheduled for 26th to 29th October 2023. The joint organisation of this major sporting event in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria is a clear sign of the solidarity between these nations and the only joint project of its kind in European motorsport.

The Central European Rally will start in Prague, before a series of diverse and challenging special stages take the competitors to Czech Republic, Austria and Lower Bavaria, specifically the districts of Freyung-Grafenau and Passau. The rally is planned to finish in Passau. Not only do three rivers meet in the German city, but, having passed through three nations, the Central European Rally will also reach a worthy conclusion there with the podium ceremony. Thanks to its central location in the region incorporating these three countries, Passau will be at the heart of the rally on four days and will also host the service park on the exhibition grounds.

The Central European Rally is the penultimate round of the 2023 world championship © Photo: ADAC

As an internationally respected world championship, TV coverage of the FIA World Rally Championship is broadcast in more than 150 countries. With efficient hybrid technology and sustainable, 100% fossil-free fuel, the cars in the top class also showcase future technologies and new means of mobility, and are a key multiplier when it comes to sustainability.

ADAC Sport President Dr. Gerd Ennser: "We are delighted that the FIA WRC is returning to Germany in 2023 and will Include the tried and testes stages of the ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye in the Freyung-Grafenau and Passau districts in the region of lower Bavaria. The joint organisation with the Autoclub of the Czech Republic and the AMF is an important symbol of international understanding and will forge intense links in this region and beyond. With our strong partners, we will make this round of the world championship a great experience for spectators and visitors from all over Europe. With its technology and pioneering fuels, the FIA WRC is a world championship in which people can experience sustainable and modern motorsport. This makes the Central European Rally a major European sporting event and a round of the world championship that is perfectly suited to the ADAC."

Jan Štovíček, President of the Autoklub of The Czech Republic and member of the FIA World Motorsport Council: "The FIA World Rally Championship in the Czech Republic is a dream of our fans of many generations. And together with our friends from our partner federations in Germany and Austria, we have succeeded in fulfilling it. Rallying is one of the most popular disciplines of motorsport in our country, many Czech fans are passionate about the World Championship and now they can see it for the first time at home! Due to the deep tradition of the Czech automotive industry, we can also look at the World Rally Championship with pride in fulfilling the legacy of our ancestors, the pioneers of motoring. The concept of the Central European Rally has been developed in line with the latest trends in organising top events on the basis of cross-border cooperation, as we have seen in other sports. I believe that in addition to unforgettable experiences and increased international awareness of the Czech Republic as a motorsport superpower, it will also be a significant contribution to tourism and the economy of our country. The uniqueness of the Central European Rally will certainly be enhanced by the intention to start it in Prague, the heart of Europe. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the realization of the idea of this competition and for the trust of my colleagues from the FIA World Motorsport Council."

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Harald Hertz, President of the Austrian Motorsport Federation AMF: "We are pleased and proud to be able to present the FIA WRC in Austria in 2023. Passion for motorsport enjoys a long tradition in Austria: as a comparatively small European country, we have already hosted top-tier motorsport world championships like Formula 1 and MotoGP for many years. The rallying tradition in Mühlviertel, the Jänner Rallye and the special stages on the 3-Städte-Rally, which we have held for years in Upper Austria, are evidence of how important motorsport is in Austria. The events in Austria with the biggest number of spectators are always motorsport events. Together with our partners, we will ensure that the FIA WRC also draws a big crowd. However, the FIA WRC is not only an experience for motorsport fans, but also an important symbol of cross-border cooperation in Europe."


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