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News and Quotes SS14

Flaring headlights, a challenging special stage, an exciting fight for positions: The final of the rally Saturday on SS 14, the 11.9 km long stage Knaus Tabbert Bayerischer Wald 2, had it all. Ford driver Ott Tänak was unlucky there because he had lost hydraulic pressure in the handbrake on the previous stage, which caused him a serious loss of time. At the front: the two drivers who could actually take it easy: Kalle Rovanperä was just ahead of Thierry Neuville, who was 0.5 seconds slower.

#7 Pierre-Louis Loubet (FRA) / Vincent Landais (FRA), Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid

“I was surprised, I was not thinking it was so slippery in the forest. On the long right corner that closed I go straight. Very slowly fortunately but I stalled so impossible to go out. I lose a lot of time. I think we lose 10 seconds, 15 seconds…”

#13 Grégoire Munster (LUX) / Louis Louka (BEL), Ford Puma Rally1 Hybrid

“Very demanding surely if you don’t have the inner lights like we had! Very difficult to see the grip. I just could see it’s black - but not if it´s tarmac or mud. So we took it really carefully. We have to see, I think the idle is dropping too low and that’s why I stalled again.”

#3 Teemu Suninen (FIN) / Mikko Markkula (FIN), Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid

”It felt quite okay but I’m not sure if we are in Central Europe or Monte Carlo because the grip was so low. It was so muddy, but let’s see how the others are doing!”

#18 Takamoto Katsuta (JPN) / Aaron Johnston (IRL), Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid

At least I wanted to be in the front of Teemu. So I try of course but quite scary! I’m very happy to finish the day. I don’t mind the time to be honest.”

#8 Sébastien Ogier (FRA) / Vincent Landais (FRA), Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid

“More describe this as Rally GB as anything else. For me I was just making it through on this one because it was incredibly slippy in some places. It’s not really enjoyable when you have absolutely no grip on slick tyres.”

#69 Kalle Rovanperä (FIN) / Jonne Halttonen (FIN), Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid

“I just wanted to end today with a somehow good feeling so I tried to drive a bit. It’s good to be at the finish of the day, it’s tough out there. I think this is the most difficult Tarmac rally conditions I have ever seen. I don’t know even if you can call it Tarmac on this stage. Anyway, it’s good to be in this position and let’s try and finish the job tomorrow.”

#11 Thierry Neuville (BEL) / Martijn Wydaeghe (BEL), Hyundai i20 N Rally1 Hybrid

“It was probably the most enjoyable stage for me this weekend. I like driving in the dark. This was fun, obviously it’s a very tricky stage so I didn’t push too much. I just took it carefully. Basically all afternoon just try to manage the gap. I’m happy to be at the finish of the day being in the lead of the rally.”


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