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Strong Digital Services Guide Spectators Through Rally Region

Smartphone app “TW-Sportsoft” is jam-packed with info on the Central European Rally. Rally magazine available to download for free. Homepage also contains navigation points as a direct link. Interlinked digital services also provide maps and info offline, and help with directions to the spectator area.

At the Central European Rally from 26th to 29th October, digital services will help keep spectators in the know throughout the event: The free digital rally magazine contains gripping reports and informative articles, as well as all the important maps for navigating the rally region. These are also integrated into the smartphone app of event partner TW-Sportsoft, which also delivers live news and results. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. Meaning that both the magazine (as a PDF) and the basic info in the app (maps, starting list, etc.) are available even when the mobile device is offline. Spectators also have a free choice of orientation guides in areas with weaker network coverage. In addition, the official homepage provides helpful information as well as direct links for navigation. After accessing the page, spectators can select their preferred navigation apps for directions straight to the fan zones. The magazine, download links for the TW-Sportsoft app, and navigation links are available at The Central European Rally offers four days of rallying and 18 special stages with over 300 top-speed kilometres – at times it can seem difficult for spectators to keep track of things. However, the digital services for the event are the perfect answer. They provide directions to the spectator areas along the routes – or directly to the spectator guidance system that is set up around the stages. The colour coding for each stage makes navigating even easier. Magazine Summarises the Most Important Information The rally magazine is only published digitally, as a PDF document, and is available to download for free on the homepage It contains detailed maps that make it easier for spectators to find their way around. There are additional interesting articles that make the magazine worth browsing. It also contains the schedule as well as information about the event and the event regions. The magazine also takes a detailed look at the home teams from Germany, Austria and Czechia, with profiles of the key players. And last but not least, the event’s sustainability concept is covered. After all, the exclusive digital publication alone contributes to reducing the use of resources and the carbon footprint. The rally magazine also draws attention once again to carpooling: Fans who, for example, connect via the “ADAC Pendlernetz” app to travel to the spectator areas together will automatically be entered into a prize draw and be in with a chance of winning great prizes during the rally from Thursday to Sunday. Smartphone App: with Strong Service Package The smartphone app of event partner TW-Sportsoft also contains maps and navigation aids. The app is available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play under the name “TW Sportsoft”. When you select the Central European Rally from the list of events in the app, important key information for attendees is always close at hand. This includes detailed descriptions of the fan zones as well as many other useful tips. The star feature is that large parts of the app also work offline, meaning that users can find their way around the rally area even if their network coverage is weak. A whole host of additional hot-off-the-press information is available when the device is online, including live results and the latest news. Follow these direct links to download the app for iOS or Android devices:

Homepage: All the Info, All the News

The official homepage at is arguably the greatest source of information for rally attendees. It contains information on spectator zones as well as direct navigation links. Information on the attendee shuttle bus services and details on forming carpools is also available. And the winners of the spectator competition will be announced on the homepage on the weekend of the event: Every carpool with at least four attendees will receive the same number of tickets as people in the car on entering the car parks. A key factor in reducing the number of vehicles entering the rally area, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the new World Rally Championship.


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